Walkera Devo7 Model Editor

Here you may download a program for easy setup your models for the Walkera Devo7 RC transmitter. All you need is this program and the UP-02 interface offered by Walkera. When finished your setup save it to file and download! it to your transmitter using the Devo upgrade tool.

At this time ( Aug 2012 ) the program is an early beta, so use at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damage of your model or transmitter. After loading the profile to your transmitter, doublecheck the settings in the Devo7.

Program is free for private use, any commercial use prohibited.

Download lastest version

I've also tried to give a better overwiew to the menu structure. This may be found in the Wiki on the Mikrokopter pages.

Please leave comments or bug reports in this forum thread or send mail to devo7(at)


2014/12/23 version 0.53 fixed cosmetic bug. Mixers Main option list had wrong option with wing models".

2014/03/05 version 0.52 fixed bug in "save as".

2014/02/27 version 0.51 Added curve editing for D/R Exp settings.

2014/02/06 version 0.50 Added direct download/upload of model data to Devo7 via UP-02 adapter.

2013/12/30 version 0.44 fixed some issues for flaperon models. Corrected curve value ranges in the mixer programs and sorted their tab order.

2013/06/11 version 0.43 fixed another non-ascii-filename bug. Updated compiler and library versions. Hopefully everything still works as expected.

2013/02/10 version 0.42 fixed an annoying bug. After startup program did somteimes show the right tab with wrong content.

2012/12/13 version 0.41 fixed bug with pitch travel adjust. Fixed switch settings in program mix.

2012/11/11 version 0.40 fixed bug with non-ascii filenames. Added curve editor.

2012/10/25 version 0.35 minor cosmetic bugfix

2012/10/18 version 0.34 bugfix loading/saving Swash Mix Elevator and Pitch values

2012/09/30 version 0.33 now with nice icon, tnx to Sergei (gektor). preliminary final release

2012/09/29 version 0.32 program now fits on a 800x600 desktop, restore window position and size on startup

2012/09/19 version 0.31 minor bugfix

2012/09/16 version 0.30 improved detailed list

2012/09/09 version 0.22 fixed bug "File magic error" after save, fixed modified detection.

2012/09/07 version 0.21 fixed bug "Save As"

2012/09/02 version 0.2 added language support, completed some dependency tests, fixed timer bug

2012/08/27 first version 0.1














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